PUFF DINO 216 Thread Cutting Oil

Puff Dino Products, We always think for professional user. We insist on developing and produce inside Taiwan. With every material, production process are considering the effectiveness and environmental friendly. We are proud and regard ourselves as benchmark in Taiwan aerosol cans industry.

PUFF DINO Long Lasting Anti-Rust

PUFF DINO Long Lasting Anti-Rust

It's designed for the metal objects which need long-term protection. The effect is much more than regular anti-rust products.

191 Anti-Rust & Lubricant

191 Anti-Rust & Lubricant

With outstanding features like: Penetration, Lubrication, Anti-rust and Moisture repel.


PUFF DINO 216 Thread Cutting Oil

PUFF DINO 216 Thread Cutting Oil - 216 Thread Cutting Oil
216 Thread Cutting Oil

Special Features

  • The oil is clear the see through to increasing the safety during process.
  • With sulfur and chlorine additive to increase lubricate and cooling performance.
  • The active additive increase efficiency on thread cutting and gives more glossiness to pipe thread.
  • The oil has high viscosity index, antioxidant and great stability.
  • The antioxidant EP additive is significantly slow down wearing to achieve the protection on die head.


  • It is suitable for use in iron or alloy type of thread cutting and tapping process.

Main Ingredient

Base Oil, EP Additive, Synthetic Grease.


  • Volume: 1 Liter, 1 Gallon
  • Package: 1 Liter: 12 pcs/ctn ; 1Gallon: 6 pcs/ctn
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

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