PUFF DINO 205 Gear Oil

PUFF DINO Long Lasting Anti-Rust

PUFF DINO Long Lasting Anti-Rust

It's designed for the metal objects which need long-term protection. The effect is much more than regular anti-rust products.

191 Anti-Rust & Lubricant

191 Anti-Rust & Lubricant

With outstanding features like: Penetration, Lubrication, Anti-rust and Moisture repel.


PUFFDINO PUFF DINO 205 Gear Oil Service Introduction

PUFFDINO Trade Co., Ltd. is a PUFF DINO 205 Gear Oil supplier and manufacturer with more than 30 years of experence since 1987, in the Airsoft, Hardware Market, AfterMarket, Building Market, Fitness Equipment Care Market, PUFFDINO has been offering our customers high quality PUFF DINO 205 Gear Oil production service. With both advanced technology and 30 years experience, PUFFDINO always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

PUFF DINO 205 Gear Oil

PUFF DINO 205 Gear Oil - 205 Gear Oil
205 Gear Oil

Special Features

  • Comply with GL-5, U.S. Military specification MIL-L-2105D and German Institute for Standardization DIN51524 standard.
  • With our super strong oil film, it can reduce wear also stand under high temperature and pressure. It can prevent oil sludge and cavitation happens.
  • The great adhesion oil film can deuce noise, protect gears and ensure gear smooth running.
  • The gear oil has high viscosity index, antioxidant and great stability.


  • PD-205 gear oil provides great protection for gears operating under extreme environment. Suitable type is list below.
  • - For industrial reduction gear box work under extreme pressure.
  • - For vehicles sealed manual transmission.
  • - For semi-automatic transmission.
  • - Other heavy equipment requires GL-5 oil.

Main Ingredient

High Quality Lubricate, Additive Agent.


  • Volume: 1 Liter, 1 Gallon
  • Package: 1 Liter: 12 pcs/ctn ; 1Gallon: 6 pcs/ctn
  • SAE: 85W / 140 (GL-5)
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

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