PUFF DINO 198 Semi-Dry Film Lubrication

PUFF DINO Long Lasting Anti-Rust

PUFF DINO Long Lasting Anti-Rust

It's designed for the metal objects which need long-term protection. The effect is much more than regular anti-rust products.

191 Anti-Rust & Lubricant

191 Anti-Rust & Lubricant

With outstanding features like: Penetration, Lubrication, Anti-rust and Moisture repel.


PUFFDINO PUFF DINO 198 Semi-Dry Film Lubrication Service Introduction

PUFFDINO Trade Co., Ltd. is a PUFF DINO 198 Semi-Dry Film Lubrication supplier and manufacturer with more than 30 years of experence since 1987, in the Airsoft, Hardware Market, AfterMarket, Building Market, Fitness Equipment Care Market, PUFFDINO has been offering our customers high quality PUFF DINO 198 Semi-Dry Film Lubrication production service. With both advanced technology and 30 years experience, PUFFDINO always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

PUFF DINO 198 Semi-Dry Film Lubrication

Dry Lube, Roller Chain Lubricating

PUFF DINO 198 Semi-Dry Film Lubrication - 198 Semi-Dry Film Lubrication Spray for Roller Chain
198 Semi-Dry Film Lubrication Spray for Roller Chain

Traditional lubrication not only would react with chine and leads to carbonization but also attracts dusts and dirt which wear out your chains and gear wheels resulting shorten lifespan. However with PD-198 we add in PTFE formula provides a long-lasting lubrication to reduce frictions and operates smoothly for metal moving parts.
After sprayed, it will quickly dries and forms a transparent, semi-dry layer protecting metals from rust and corrosion. Non-greasy and would not attract dust and other substances.
PD-198 is suitable for chains, gears, hinges, bearings and any metal objects that need long-term dry lubrication.

Special Features

  • It foams a smooth and nonstick membrane to protect surface of roller chain. The membrane is also high lubricity and heat resistant, so it's suitable for any environment.
  • The Temperature Resistant Range: -30°C ~ 300°C or -22°F ~ 572°F.
  • It has great adhesion that makes membrane water, heat, and acid resistant.
  • Easy, adjustable smart nozzle to use on small or precision parts.


  • Vehicle Maintenance: Apply on bicycle and motorcycle chain can stop dust stick onto the chain when riding.
  • Industry Use: Suitable for machinery part that needs dry lubricate. For Example, Metal Processing, Manufacturing, Auto Industry, Sea Transportation, Holder, Bearing, Chain, Gear, Valve, Controller, Hydraulic, Vacuum, Motor, Throttle, Drill, Slide, Hinge...etc.
  • Household Use: Furniture that you do not want any dust sticks on, for example, any furniture with tracks, door and window axels.
  • Suitable for lubrication during dusty environment like using in mining equipment to provide stick too much dust.
  • It can be use as release agent in plastic process industry.

PUFF DINO 198 Dry Lube Good for Lubricating Roller Chain and Metal Parts.

How to use

  • Clean up the surface before lubricate.
  • Shake the can to get a good mix before use.
  • Let up the smart nozzle tube to insert into orifice or internal parts and let down the tube for larger area spray.
  • Spin the chain to ensure the spray is evenly covered on every parts of chain.
  • Use a dry fabric to wipe out excess spray.
  • It would takes about 20 minutes to the layer dry and achieve its best effect.
  • Reverse the can and spray for couple second after use. This to avoid sprinkle-nozzle from clog up.

Main Ingredient

PTFE, Silicon, Solvent, Propellant.


  • Volume: 420ml
  • Package: 12 pcs/ctn
  • Product Size: 6.0 cm x 6.0 cm x 24.1 cm

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