Company Profile

Puff Dino Products, We always think for professional user. We insist on developing and produce inside Taiwan. With every material, production process are considering the effectiveness and environmental friendly. We are proud and regard ourselves as benchmark in Taiwan aerosol cans industry.

Company Profile

Welcome to PuffDino

Puff Dino was founded in 1986 and enter Taiwan market with aerosol can product. Our professional quality, solid service and innovative products makes Puff Dino the leading brand of hardware Industry.
We continuously developing and extend our product into vehicle maintain, machine hardware, building material, bicycle maintain and DIY use. In 2010 we even developing airsoft supplies and export to the global market.

Business Philosophy

We spur our own as the leading brand to providing our product and service from professional user point of view.
We build great relationship with our sales partner to providing top quality product for the customer and satisfy both store owner and user's need.

2015Puff Dino Blacking Spray is launch and immediately became hot sales product.
2013Launched Puff Dino Blacking Spray for machine and molding industry a new quick dry anti-rust spray paint.
2010Launched Puff Dino Water-Based Wood Paint and abrasive series and providing more choice for the market.
2009Puff Dino bicycle clean agent and lubricant were launched.
2008Termiticide Spray was launched.
2007Puff Dino Water-Based Spray Paint was launched. It is more friendly to both users and our Earth.
2006Launched Puff Dino Lemon Sticker Remover Spray, great smell and eco-friendly.
2005Launched Puff Dino 193 Dry Film Lubricant Spray, leading lubrication to a new level.
2004Through two years testing, Puff Dino PU Foam launched and become the number one brand on the market.
2002Launched Puff Dino Luminous Spray Paint series and enter special use spray market.
2000Introducing Puff Dino wall coating and cracking fill product and enter building material market.
1995Launched Puff Dino 192 Spray Grease, become the leading brand of aerosol can product.
1991Puff Dino 191 Anti-Rust & Lubricant Spray launched to the vehicle market with our special design smart nozzle.
1986Founding era we successfully launched Puff Dino spray paint then start entering store and hardware market.

Channels Expansion
Puff Dino has product structure across different market, There is the list:
  • Hardware Industry (Machine, Household, Building Material, Coating, Electrician, Metallurgical Coal Mine)
  • Vehicle Maintain
  • Motorcycle Maintain
  • Large Chain Stores
  • Chain Stores for DIY Supplies
  • Stationery Supplies
  • Airsoft Supplies
  • Direct Professional User (Factory, Construction, Government Agencies)

From 2007, Puff Dino actively expand to global market and selling our product to North America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and Africa.

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