PUFF DINO Peelable Metal Protective Film

PUFF DINO Long Lasting Anti-Rust

PUFF DINO Long Lasting Anti-Rust

It's designed for the metal objects which need long-term protection. The effect is much more than regular anti-rust products.

191 Anti-Rust & Lubricant

191 Anti-Rust & Lubricant

With outstanding features like: Penetration, Lubrication, Anti-rust and Moisture repel.


PUFFDINO PUFF DINO Peelable Metal Protective Film Service Introduction

PUFFDINO Trade Co., Ltd. is Taiwan PUFF DINO Peelable Metal Protective Film supplier and manufacturer with more than 30 years experence. Since 1987, in the Airsoft, Hardware Market, AfterMarket, Building Market, Fitness Equipment Care Market, PUFFDINO has been offering our customers high quality PUFF DINO Peelable Metal Protective Film production service. With both advanced technology and 30 years experience, PUFFDINO always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

PUFF DINO Peelable Metal Protective Film

PUFF DINO Peelable Metal Protective Film - Peelable Metal Protective Film Spray
Peelable Metal Protective Film Spray

Puff Dino Peelable Metal Protective Film is a rust and stain protection product that can be "peel off when necessary".
It is suitable for metal mold, plating surface of mechanical product or polished surface with anti-rust, scratch and stain proof effects.
When the spray dried, it will form a blue or translucent film that has strong toughness and easy to peel off ability when don't need it.
When peel off, the item under it will good as new. The formulations containing gasification rust inhibitor, this can be released antirust ingredient to fill in packing voids and provides excellent anti-corrosion effect.

Special Features

  • The dried film is nontoxic, acid and alkali resistance, water-proof, anti-fouling and Anti-rust.
  • The spray has short drying time and good electricity insulation. The transparency of the film is depending on how much moisture in the air during process.
  • You can easily peel off when don't need it. It won't stick your hand and not pollution.


  • Anti-Rust: Vehicle, Equipment, Martial Art Training Equipment.
  • Damage Proof: Surface Protection On Glass Ware, Stainless Steel, Zinc Plate, Plastic Plywood, Polished Surface.
  • Electricity Insulation: Protecting Electrical Appliance Part and Insulation.
  • Moisture Repel: Give protection in humid or ocean environment.
  • Storage Preserve: Help to Preserve Items, Machine or Parts During Storage.

Strong toughness:

PUFFDINO Peelable Metal Protective Film Spray-Strong toughness

How to use

  • Pre-process: Clean up object surface to remove all the dirt and grease with cleaning agent, solvent or alcohol then wait for it dry.
  • Using masker tap to cover the area not need to spray.
  • How to spray: Keep the nozzle 20 ~ 25cm above the surface when spray, then wait for 10 ~ 15 minutes to spray second layer. We suggest you spray at least two layer for more even coating and better protection.
  • The touch dry time is about 30 ~ 40 minutes, and the fully hardness dry time at room temperature is about 2 hours.
  • Ever film layer is about 0.015 ~ 0.020mm thickness and the best thickness the about 0.05mm. If the film layer is too thin, it may difficult when peeling.
  • If the film is too thin and unable to peel, just spray few more on then it can be peel off.
  • Do NOT apply onto acrylic or wood surface. It is due to solvent may damaging the material.
  • After use, please press the can upside-down for few second and clean to prevent block the nozzle.

Apply Sample:

How it works

Main Ingredient

Polymer Resin, Solvent, Dye (not include in clear film), Propellant.


  • Volume: 420ml
  • Package: 12 pcs/ctn
  • Product Size: 6.0 cm x 6.0 cm x 24.5 cm
  • Film Color: Translucent Blue, Translucent

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